Saturday, September 24, 2011

I'm a Machine of Death Fanfic Flash Fic Winner!

Machine of Death is an anthology that explores the possibilities of a machine that tells you how you will die. The Fanfic Flash Fic contest asked for 55-word stories that involve existing fictional characters. They liked my entry enough to put it on their blog! Thanks guys! Based on a comic strip, here is "Depression":

Life had always been rough for Charles, but this last week took the cake. First his kite got him struck by lightning; then his dog died. Holding the slip of paper in his hand, he walked past adults with voices like muted trombones. Charles read the single word to himself: “depression.” Good grief, he thought.

Check out the rest of the winners (I like “That Crazy Thing,” “Batman,” and “Revenge”) and more Machine of Death goodness here.